Friday, December 23, 2016

How to build a Control Panel?

1. Design Layout Plan and Wiring Diagram

We should consider the requirement of components, including but not limited to:
  • Brand and Country of Origin;
  • Size and Type;
  • Rating and Specification;
  • Color of Cable, etc.
Fig. 1 - Layout Plan

Fig. 2a - Power Wiring Diagram

Fig. 2b - Control Wiring Diagram

2. Prepare Material

We should prepare the regular items, including but not limited to:

Electrical & Electronics Components
Power Management
Signal Control / Pilot Devices 
Wiring and Accessories
  • Cable
  • Cable Lugs
  • Cable Marker

3. Fabrication 

We should fabricate all components and ensure distance maintained between components installed is comfortable for wiring.

Fig. 3a - Cutting Din Rail

Fig. 3b - Installation of Components on Panel Base

Fig. 3c - Installation of Component on Panel

Fig. 3d - Installation of Component on Panel

4. Wiring

We should wire up the component according to wiring diagram.
Make sure the right color, size and type of cable and cable marker are used.

Fig. 4a - Wiring the Components

Fig. 4b - Wiring the Components

Fig. 4c - Wiring the Components

Fig. 4d - Wiring the Components on Panel Interface

5. Testing 

Before delivering to Control Panel to site, everything should be tested in our workshop. It is because construction site has a much harsh condition for any amendment to make.

Fig. 5 - Completed Control Panel

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