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Hing Cheong Electrical Engineering Suppliers Co. Ltd. (Hing Cheong)
- established in 1991, a Hong Kong based company which provide varies of service and products, but not limited to:

1. Supply Electrical & Electronics Products
MCB, ACB, MCCB, ELCB, IDMT Relays, Contactors, Current Transformers, Timer Switch, Soft starters, Variable Speed (VSD) Drives, Pushbutton & Pilot Light, Resistor & Inductors, Capacitor, Fuse-switch Disconnector, Fuse & Holder, Power Analyzer / Meter, LED Tube & Batten, Spotlight, Floodlight, Headlight, Torch, etc.

2. Design & Fabricate Control Panel
AB Pump Control, Water Level Control, Water Plant Control, Air-conditioning and Heater, etc. 

3. Coordinate Electrical Engineering Projects
Free consulting services and catalog of products are available. In prospect, we would like to offering high quality products and technical services.

- 於1991年成立,承接機電工程,從事進口電機材料買賣。包括:空氣斷路器,塑嗀斷路器,工控元件,保護繼電器,接觸器,互感器,定時計,位置開關,功率保護器,軟啟動器,變頻器,控制按鈕,電感器,可編程控制器,熔斷器組合等一系列開關。興昌電機經營世界各地及國內合資廠家的品牌產品,並授權為特約經銷商。常備通用現貨,可落單訂貨。價格有零售價,工程價和批發價格。免費提供電器產品規格,性能使用及代替品諮詢服務。最後,興昌電機願與各界同行攜手共進,以高質產品與真誠的服務態度,為電機工程獻上一份力量。


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